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Thoughts…Random…Ramblings. October 24, 2010

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I haven’t written anything is awhile. To be completely honest, I always feel like a bit of a nerd when I update my blog. But I have a lot on my mind, so this is my attempt to straighten out the jumbled mass of incoherent thoughts taht are floating around in my head.

I’m in my fourth year of college. At my fourth college. And I just changed my major. I changed it from Psychology to Physical Therapy. Basically, I am starting over. Completely. Mostly. I have to take classes that are considered Gen Ed, again order to take the pre-reqs I need to take the core classes I need for a PTA degree. ┬áThis definitely is not what I expected my college career to be like. . but I feel confident about this new change of pace and direction that I have chosen. It’s a little overwhelming at times, but good.

It’s been a difficult transition moving home after not living at home for three years. And a huge shift from living a dorm life environment, to not. I was concerned at first that I would be so busy with work and school, that I wouldn’t have the time to make friends and have a “social life.” Especially since I can be on the shy side sometimes, it’s hard for me to go out there and make friends.

I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with the awkward dynamics that our society is creating between mens and women’s relationships. Women are being taught that we need to be strong and confident and to take charge, and yet the men are still not okay with it when we actually do just that.

I’m becoming more and more comfortable in being who I am. Which is awes ome. For a really long time, I was lost and confused and had no idea who I wanted to be, let alone how I wanted to get there. But I’m figuring it out. I’m learning it’s a process. Probably life long.

I’m training for a marathon.